More Ruins

9th February 2011

"Before beginning construction on the project, before even disturbing the many layers of dust, Woolley went to work carefully photographing the workshop, cataloguing everything from unfinished sticks to discarded bits of tools..." (PR 9.2.11)

"... The sepia images are haunting. Those of objects, like the disembodied hand, for example, give an impression of the many lives of the building in a way that a blue plaque or a neatly restored ceiling moulding really can't. Though he is now finishing work on a new house, craftily inserted into the footprint of the old workshop building, Woolley has preserved in these very stark images a rather poetic reminder of the past. It's hard to imagine another developer (thinking of all of those too-convenient shops) taking the time to chronicle what came before with such care. I'll continue to post a few more of these photos and who knows, they might inspire someone to stop for a minute and take a second look at something as mundane as an old brick building." (PR 9.2.11)