Viewpoint Competition

11th September 2015

“...We were looking for a building that did something transformative; that drew your attention to the landscape by intelligently focusing the viewer’s attention on what is around them, rather than just the building itself.

Strangely, for a competition about views, the winning entry, a house hunkered into the ground in an urban London street, has no real view at all.  But with what limited aspect it could draw out of the site, it turned what could have been a cold and austere outlook for the home into something contemplative and elemental, where light strikes its brick walls to illuminate everything around it.  There may have been far better views to be enjoyed from other contenders, but for the way this project sublimated both its context and itself, it was Viewpoint’s clear winner.”

Jan-Calos Kucharek, senior editor, RIBA Journal; judging panel chairman

Judges: Will Alsop, Hélène Binet, Jonas Lencer